5 best selling Shishas so far in 2023

Looking for the best shisha to buy in 2023? Then look no further because we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best-selling shishas for 2023.

Black Widow Shisha

The Black Widow Shisha is an elegant hookah known for its high reliability and unique supercooling technology. The hookah uses a “cool” blow system that is applied in the form of a button. It allows you to control the smoking process and eliminate the effects of overheating of the mixture. This hookah is made of solid ash wood and AISI 321 stainless steel, with a height of 60cm. It includes a high-grade silicone hose, handmade glass vase, stainless steel ashtray, Turkish stone bowl, tong with poker, and a black stem. The Black Widow Shisha is the perfect addition to any sophisticated living space.

Black Widow Shisha - Russian Design

Black Panther Shisha 62CM

The Black Panther Shisha 62CM is a premium stainless steel hookah set that includes high-quality parts for a smooth and enjoyable smoke. The set includes a metal tray, clay bowl, metal stem, black glass vase, silk touch silicone hose, silver hose handle, and charcoal tong. It also features a matte finish hose, latest 2022 design, and a noise-reduction metal diffuser. The handle, ashtray, and mouthpiece are made of high-quality stainless steel, making it easy to clean and store. The Black Panther Shisha 62CM is the perfect upgrade for any hookah enthusiast.


Venom Shisha

The Venom Shisha is a luxurious and modern hookah design that combines fine carbon fiber and stainless steel materials. It features a unique “cool” blow system that enables you to regulate the smoking process and prevent any overheating of the mixture. The set comes complete with a high-quality silicone hose, luxurious hose handle, handmade black glass vase, stainless steel ashtray, sleek carbon fiber stem, premium Turkish stone bowl, and tongs with a poker. Standing at 60 cm in height, the Venom Shisha is the perfect addition to any sophisticated living space.

Venom Shisha

Gladiator Shisha

The Gladiator Shisha is the ultimate luxury hookah for your smoking experience. This hookah is meticulously crafted with a Turkish Stone bowl for a rich, earthy aroma and a stainless steel stem that adds a shiny finish and makes for easy maintenance. The transparent vase of the Gladiator Shisha is the real standout feature, designed with intricate details to resemble a swirling whirlpool. You can choose between a single hose or upgrade to a 4-hose hookah with the included extra silicone hose. The Gladiator Shisha is available in a stunning stainless steel finish and comes with a high-grade silicone hose with silk touch, handmade glass vase, steel tong with poker, and rubber seal grommets.

Gladiator Shisha 2022 Design

Lyra Shisha

Lyra Shisha The Lyra Shisha is a stunning addition to any smoke session. Standing at a towering 72 cm tall, this red European-designed pipe is sure to turn heads. The Clay bowl on top adds a unique touch, infusing your Shisha with rich, earthy aromas that enhance the flavor. The aluminum stem adds a sleek finish and adds to the convenience of maintenance. But the real standout feature of the Lyra Shisha is the unique vase, designed to resemble a flaming whirlpool. The intricate details and stunning design of the vase are sure to catch the eye of anyone in the room. And when you’re ready to smoke, simply attach the single hose.

Lyra Shisha Pipe

In conclusion, whether you’re a hookah enthusiast or looking to try something new, any of these shishas are a great choice for a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience. Order now and take your smoking experience to the next level!

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