Best Shishas of 2022

Best Shishas of 2022

Looking for a best modern Shisha? We’ve upgraded our Shisha game with a new stock of stainless steel Shishas.

Melbourne Hookah added few top notch Shisha for our Australian customers from Stainless steel to Carbon Fibre designs to meet the needs of all our customers. Below are some of the best Shishas of 2022.

Black Hawk Shisha

Black Hawk Shisha

A Game-Changing Fusion of Elegance and Innovation

The wait is finally over – say hello to the Black Hawk Hookah, the newest addition to our extraordinary collection. This captivating masterpiece is designed to set you apart from the conventional Hookah crowd, delivering an unparalleled experience.

At the pinnacle of the Black Hawk Hookah sits a resilient silicone-based bowl, coupled with a state-of-the-art heat management system. This innovative combination ensures uninterrupted Shisha sessions, as the bowl’s durability eliminates the risk of breakage. The equally robust silicone hose enhances your smoking experience even further, providing exceptional longevity and performance.

The Black Hawk’s mesmerizing base showcases a modernized design, ingeniously incorporating LED lights to bring a contemporary flair to the traditional Shisha experience. Finished in a sleek matte black, this remarkable Hookah epitomizes the perfect blend of timeless elegance and cutting-edge innovation.


Taurus Hookah

Matte finish. European-style hookah, this fiery design will feast your eyes! There is an unglazed earthenware bowl on top. Unlike ceramic bowls, shisha clay bowls enhance the shisha flavour in the bowl through the rich earthy flavour in the clay. Aluminum handle holds the clay bowl. The use of the design is a low maintenance clean that gives this hookah a shiny finish. To complete this hookah, a unique vase resembling a swirling flame ready to turn into smoke. Sold as a single-hose hookah with the appropriate tool.

Alfa Shisha Top Selling 2022

Alfa Shisha

The Alfa Shisha is a gorgeous pipe that is absolutely perfect for the individual user or hookah lounge. It comes fully ready to use out of the box, after some minor set up. The Alfa Shisha may be converted to a 2 hose hookah with help of an extra hose.

Of course, it also includes the revolutionary Auto Seal System, which eliminates the need for flip caps and stoppers while sharing the hookah with multiple users.The Shisha focuses on a balance between the simple and unique design.

The stem is a sleek silver with minimal curves and a focus on modern hookah design. The glass vase has a more traditional appearance with a simple white coloured and opaque glass. This Shisha is sure to wow anyone who uses it!


Orion Shisha

This is a party starter Hookah. We have mentioned single hose Hookah, but we have not forgotten Hookah is used in social events, so the more the merrier! With 2 hoses able to be used, the team did not have to worry about playing the waiting game with this Hookah. Another affordable hookah (especially knowing it holds 2 hoses), the eyes go straight for the bowl with this hookah.

he simplicity of the design works so well with the overall theme of sand dunes waving through the desert. The Orion Shisha puts you in a state of mind where you can envision yourself sitting in the centre of the desert, letting the waves of sand take you on a journey through Arabia.

Sitting atop is Black Stone Turkish bowl. Unlike ceramic bowls, the Phunnel bowl enhances Shisha flavour in the bowl with rich earthy aromas from the Clay. Keeping the Clay bowl on is the Silver stem. Using steel metal is low maintenance cleaning while providing that shine finish for this Hookah. To complete this Hookah, a unique Vase is designed to resemble a whirlpool flame ready to be transcended into smoke. Sold as a one hose hookah, using the appropriate tools, can be extended to a 2 hose hookah.


Flame Shisha

The Flame Shisha is a new european water pipe that was launched in Australia by Melbourne Hookah. The product is 58 cm of height and it comes with an innovative design which makes the smoking experience more enjoyable. This Shisha has a sleek, contemporary style that will add spice to your smoking experience. It also features an easy-to-use electronic control system that makes using the pipe easy and fun.

Apollo Hookah 75CM

Apollo Hookah

The Epitome of Luxury and Performance

The Apollo Hookah, adorned with exquisite gold-plated artwork, embodies the pinnacle of luxury hookah design. Meticulously engineered with a robust metal stem, this masterpiece is crafted for discerning Australian Hookah enthusiasts who demand an unparalleled smoking experience.

Accompanied by top-of-the-line accessories, the Apollo Hookah boasts a durable silicone hose fitted with a long-lasting aluminium pipe, ensuring years of use and easy cleaning. The included non-glazed clay bowl holds 22-25g of shisha flavour, further enhancing your enjoyment.

Best Shishas of 2022
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