Shisha Flavours

Herbal Soex | Tobacco-Free | Zero Nicotine

Here at Melbourne Hookah, we recognise when smoking Shisha there is a choice to smoke without or without Tobacco. At Melbourne Hookah, our team decided it is in the benefit that we promote Hookah Shisha flavours without Tobacco. This is to allow the flavour to be appreciated alone without the tobacco interfering with the enjoyment of the flavour.

Since we are committing to providing non- tobacco Shisha Hookah flavours, we are proud to endorse Soex range of non- tobacco Hookah Shisha flavours. Soex contains no Nicotine or tar, and definitely ZERO Tobacco. The flavours consist only Herbal ingredients that are healthy alternatives for those who wish to not smoke cigarettes socially. Unlike the negative side effects that can come from smoking cigarettes, Soex uses herbal molasses to provide a smoother smoking experience unlike cigarettes which can generate a ‘smokers cough’ (no one likes dealing with a smokers cough at a party).

So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself Soex flavours in packets of 50 grams. Be sure to browse through our extensive range of Hookah flavours to start your Shisha adventure.