The parcel I received is damaged

(Please report within 24 hours of receiving your Parcel)

Oh no! Sorry to hear your parcel has been damaged. 

It’s extremely important that you do not use the item if it appears broken or damaged. Using a damaged product could potentially lead to further problems, potentially even making the issue unresolvable.

The best thing to do is to take a photo of the damage and forward it to us through an email, so they can take the next steps in fixing the issue.

We need the photo to clearly show:

  • The packaging,
  • The parcel label (clearly showing the Sendle reference number, for example: S3NDL3R), and 
  • The damaged item. 

Important: These elements all need to be displayed in the ONE photo.

Here is an example of what your photo might look like:


Once we receive the photo. We will process the replacement of the item as soon as possible.

Please email us @