Shisha Pipes Under $50

Shisha Pipes Under $50

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Why go to a Shisha bar for smoking Shisha when you can buy one and save lots of money. On average, a smoking session of 30 minutes can cost up to $30 at a Hookah bar in Australia then why not buy one tobacco-free smoking flavour and pipe. When it comes to finding a cheap water pipe with high-quality material is not an easy task. Here at Melbourne Hookah, we cater to the needs of all our Hookah smoker customers to provide smoking pipes in a variety of options from colours to sizes. We have introduced a range of small Hookah Shisha pipes.

Pros of buying a Small Shisha Pipe

  1. Cheaper to buy
  2. Easy to assemble and clean
  3. Lightweight and portable
  4. Easy to carry around
  5. Requires less water and shisha flavour comparatively
  6. Available in multiple colours and designs
  7. Suitable Hookah for beginners
  8. Requires less charcoal to burn a flavour

This small-medium range Shishas have a height of 30 to 34 cm are available in Green, Red, Pink, Black, and Blue colours. Please also check out our social media account for deals and discount coupon for your Hubbly-bubbly purchase.

Each Hookah comes with

  • Glass base
  • Metal Stem
  • Charcoal Tong
  • Hose
  • Ceramic Bowl

Shisha Pipes Under $50

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