Charco-Lite Shisha Bulk Charcoal

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Charco-Lite Shisha Bulk Charcoal

Charcoal for the best smoking experience comes in the form of Charco-Lite Shisha Bulk Charcoal. This product is made up of a pack of 8 rolls with a total of 10 charcoal tablets in each roll. The product is designed to give the smoker the best possible smoking experience with minimal effort. The charcoal is made up of 35 mm tablets that are easy to load into the shisha pipe. This product is a great way for the smoker to save time and effort.

A Pack of 8 Rolls: Charco-Lite comes with 10 Charcoal 35 mm tablets in each roll. Charcoal for the best smoking experience.

  • 10 Charcoal tablets of size 35MM
  • Smart Charcoal
  • Heat-flow Technology

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