Prism Shisha


Prism Shisha Set: Elegance Meets Affordability

🔸 Ideal for Beginners

🔸 Distinctive Prismatic Design

🔸 Travel-friendly at 29CM

🔸 Available in Black, Red, Green, Blue

🔸 Comprehensive Set: Tong, Bowl, Hose, Base, Stem, Seals

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Prism Shisha + Charco-Lite Shisha Charcoal + 4 Premium Shisha Flavours + Aluminium Hookah Foil
Price for all: $56.90


Prism Shisha Set

Step into the world of refined smoking with the Prism Shisha Set. Crafted for both novices and occasional hookah enthusiasts, the Prism is a harmonious blend of style and functionality. Its standout feature, the prismatic trim, adorns a sleek metal shaft, offering a touch of elegance to a traditionally simple design.

Compact yet impactful, the Prism stands at an approximate height of 29CM, making it an ideal companion for those on the move, especially across the scenic routes of Australia. Its design palette boasts of vibrant shades: the timeless Black, the passionate Red, the refreshing Green, and the serene Blue, allowing you to choose one that resonates with your style.

But the Prism isn’t just about looks. It’s a symbol of user-centric design and affordability. Each set is thoughtfully assembled, comprising a Charcoal Tong for precision, a crafted Hookah Bowl for the perfect burn, a dedicated Hose ensuring a pure draw, a robust Glass Base for stability, a durable Metal Stem, and precision-fit Rubber Seals for a leak-proof experience.

With the Prism Shisha Set, you’re not just choosing a smoking apparatus; you’re investing in an experience that marries tradition with contemporary design, all without stretching your budget. Elevate every session, making it a moment to remember.

Height: 29CM Approx.

Prism Shisha Includes:

  • Charcoal Tong
  • Hookah Bowl
  • Hose x 1
  • Glass Base
  • Metal Stem
  • Rubber Seals

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Black, Blue, Red, Green