The Most Popular Shisha Flavours (2022)

The Most Popular Shisha Flavours (2022)

When it comes to choosing the right Shisha flavours for your Hookah It can be very overwhelming. Based on our sales data collected. We listed some of the Top-selling and Most popular Shisha flavours throughout Australia.  Most Popular Shisha Flavours, Mint Flavour, Strawberry Flavour, Icy Double Apple, Bubble Gum, Grape, Cherry with mint flavour is one of the most popular shisha flavours. It’s a refreshing, cool and sweet tobacco free flavours that can be enjoyed by almost anyone.  

There are a variety of popular shisha flavours, and each person has their own favourite. Some of the more popular flavours are mint, strawberry, icy double apple, bubble gum and Cherry with mint. Each of these flavours has its dedicated shisha brand, and is often enjoyed by smokers of the same flavour, and is often seen as a healthier alternative to more common tobacco flavours. While there are many different shisha flavours available, the most popular ones are mint, strawberry, icy double apple, and bubble gum. Each of these flavors has its own dedicated brand, and is often enjoyed by smokers of the same flavour.

Mint Shisha Flavour


A mighty cool flavour that gives a soothing feel with every puff and a sweet aftertaste of mint as a sweet memory. Mint flavour is usually associated with almost any brand of shisha, and is usually enjoyed by those who prefer a cool and refreshing smoke. Mint flavoured shisha is often seen as a more sophisticated smoking experience, and is considered to be a good seller amongst traditional shisha smokers. 

Strawberry Shisha Flavour


Strawberry flavour is most commonly enjoyed in ice-cream form, and is enjoyed by those who enjoy a sweet and fruity flavour with their smoke. Shisha manufacturers have created a variety of strawberry flavoured shisha, from traditional sweet and creamy to a more acidic and tart version.  Strawberry flavouring is also quite common, as it’s a delicious and fruity tobacco free  taste that many people love. The first choice for many. This flavour has a rich fruity taste of fresh strawberries with a sweet trail of mild sweet overtones. This flavour can also be used as a base flavour with stronger flavours such as Mint, Blueberry or Grape.

Icy Double Apple Shisha Flavour

Icy Double Apple Shisha

Icy Double Apple flavor is one of the newest flavors on the market, and is enjoyed by those who enjoy a unique and refreshing smoke. Icy Double Apple has become immensely popular in recent years due to its unique blend of apple and mint flavors. Top Selling flavour of the year 2021. Immerse yourself in the sweet taste of fresh juicy Frozen Apples with a double blast. By choosing this popular flavour for lighting up your Hookah session. This flavour is a classic and vintage signature flavour that increases the pleasure of your Hookah get-together. A hot favourite !!

Bubblegum Shisha Flavour


Bubble Gum flavour is another favorite among smokers because it tastes like chewing bubblegum—a childhood favourite! Top-selling flavour in Melbourne & Sydney. Discover your young and yuppie side with this forever youthful sweet Bubble Gum flavour, which takes your Hookah session to the world of Chiclets and gumballs.

Grape Shisha Flavour


It was a Top Selling flavour in the year 2020. A balance of refreshing and natural grape aromas. Soex flavour packs the molasses to ensure each smoke has a grape sensation. This flavour can be used with Mint to make it a Minty Grape.

Cherry with Mint Shisha Flavor

Cherry Mint Shisha Flavour 

Cherry mint flavour is a unique and sharp combination of cherry and mint flavors. It is known to have a sharp cherry flavour that is the dominant flavour, with a nice cooling finish. It is best blended with chocolate flavoured shisha to create a rich and complex flavour. Expect a great smoking experience with this blend, as it is perfect for aromatic shisha users.

Since we mentioned above our most popular shisha flavours of 2022. We also would like to hear your favourite flavour.

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