Types of Hookah Shisha bowls

Types of Hookah Shisha bowls

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How to choose the best Shisha bowl for you Hookah Pipe

Types of Hookah Shisha bowls: There are many different types of Shisha bowl or Hookah top Head available online. When it comes deciding the right Shisha bowl for your Hookah this can be little confusing for the new Hookah user. Although a hookah bowl may seem like a simple hookah part for an inexperienced, it is, in fact, one of the most important elements when it comes to having an excellent shisha smoking experience. There are numerous factors can be taken into consideration before purchasing Hookah bowl, which Hookah bowl is best for your Hookah pipe.

Tokyo Phunnel Hookah Bowl


Tokyo Phunnel Bowl is an exclusive design that uses heat-resistant white clay to create a unique smoking experience for you! Featuring a beautiful hand-painted design, this bowl is both unique and beautiful. It also has a special smoke swirl effect for a fun smoke session with friends.

Tokyo Phunnel Bowl is one of the best bowls on the market with a large air intake; perfect for those who like lots of clouds! This Phunnel hookah bowl can easily hold up to 20 grams of hookah. Definitely a great option if you have a large headset or use charcoal blocks!

Moana Phunnel Bowl


The Moana Phunnel Bowl is a classic plywood. It is in an “accordion” shape. is a single-hole bowl with a volcano in the middle, which features the fact that the air does not flow through the hookah aroma and the liquid in the aroma does not flow down the shaft.

Urban Phunnel Bowl


This top-of-the-line funnel bowl is handcrafted with a special terracotta mix and has a 100% food-safe glaze. Plus, the unique lock shape in the tower makes it one of the most popular bowls on the market today. This bowl is suitable for dark, medium or strong shisha flavours from 18 to 28 grams. We recommend using natural coconut charcoal in this bowl. Heating takes 2 to 3 minutes.

Black Turkish Bowl


Black Turkish Bowl is manufactured in commercial ovens at temperatures over 1200 degrees. The nest thing about this bowl It does not absorb the smells of used Shisha flavour. During use, the bowl will not let the juice through and will retain its original appearance for a long time. The strength of the bowl is comparable to that of a stone.

The Turkish bowls are characterized by 4 large holes, raw unfinished appearance, and varied size on the hole’s diameter.

Shisha Silicone Bowl


High-Grade Silicone material for high-quality smoke.
Unbreakable bowl, even the bowl is thrown to the floor.
It does not soak the juices of the Shisha flavours unlike Hookah Clay Bowl
Easy to use and clean.
Easy handle when Charcoal is burning. First choice for commercial use in Shisha bars.
Heat-resistant when holding it by hand.

Hookah Clay Bowl Shisha


The most popular bowls. They do a good job of keeping the heat inside the bowl and requires less amount of coals. Most true clay bowls are made by hand on a pottery wheel is unique in the way that it allows for the shisha juice to stay inside the top of the bowl instead of running down the inside of the bowl. This will give you a longer and enhanced the smoking session. The juice stays in the bowl because of Hookah Non- glazed clay bowl that can hold 22-25g of shisha flavour. Any Australian Hookah connoisseur will appreciate the smoking experience from this Bowl.

Ceramic Hookah Bowl


A ceramic hookah bowl is an excellent choice for anyone who wants their pipe to look well-manicured or sophisticated without sacrificing safety or convenience! It can also save your smoking session from potential burns from excess water in the hose or from scorched tobacco caused by insufficiently cool ash in a traditional clay bowl. Since there are many types of ceramics available, users have various design options when choosing their base accessory for their pipe. It fits for most small-medium size Hookahs. Available various in Colours: Red, Pink, Green, Blue, Black, Brown.

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