Which Hookah to buy?

Here at Melbourne Hookah, our team has taken the time to experience a whole range of Hookah for you guys to know which Hookah is right for you and maybe some Hookah brands you have not heard of. With that said, here are some Hookah we have tried and tested we want to share with you! We have picked out our favourite model of Hookah from each of their brands, but let us know if you have tried other models from the same brands we have spoken about 🙂

Nova Shisha 72 CM

Nova Shisha

European designed pipe to feast your eyes on this fiery design! Sitting atop is a non-glazed Clay top bowl. Unlike ceramic bowls, the Clay bowl enhances Shisha flavour in the bowl with rich earthy aromas from the Clay. Keeping the Clay bowl on is the aluminium stem. Using design is low maintenance cleaning while providing that shine finish for this Hookah. To complete this Hookah, a unique Vase designed to resemble a whirlpool flame ready to be transcended into smoke. Sold as a one hose hookah, using the appropriate tools.

Ares Shisha 72 CM

Ares Shisha Cover photo

Exclusively designed with gold plated artwork, the Ares Hookah holds the honour of luxury hookah at it’s finest. With a brilliantly engineered Hookah stem with solid metal, any Australian Hookah connoisseur will appreciate the smoking experience.

This Hookah is 72 cm High and comprises of top-quality accessories such as high-grade silicone hose with a long aluminium pipe which will last years and it is super easy to wash and a Hookah Non- glazed clay bowl that can hold 22-25g of shisha flavour.

Chara Shisha 54CM

Chara Shisha

If you are looking for something stylish & modern then this Russian design Shisha is like no other Shisha in the medium range of pipes. Easy to set up, and carry made using from high-quality material. It is compatible with most of the Hookah accessories such as Bowls, Heat Management System, and Ice Hose Mouth Tip.

Acrylic Shisha with Led Light

acrylic shisha with led light Green

 In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards the use of LED with remote Hookahs among Shisha users around the globe. Taking the trend into consideration, we brought this enchanting Shisha in 4 colours, Blue, Green, Red, & Clear. 

Football Hookah

Football Hookah

The football Hookah is our go-to Hookah. Yes, we have had the chance to experience and see so many luxury brands of Hookah, and we certainly would not say we did not enjoy them. But as every day and to get us in the mood for football season (take your pick which league you follow), the football Hookah always gets us going. Easy to travel with and does the job so well, you can pick from different colours so you can pick the colour to support your team. With the design resembling a football as well, this hookah always strikes at our heartstrings when football season is right around the corner.

Top 5 Shisha pipes of 2021 by Melbourne Hookah
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