Why Choose a 3-Hose Hookah?

Benefits of 3-Hose Hookah​

3 -Hose Hookah: There is no debate on how popular a one Hose hookah is. The convenience, cheaper price and easy to use makes a one hose hookah appealing to first time Shisha users. But what about when you have friends over? Friends can get bit impatient want to get on the shisha action. Well, we have found a solution for you! Not a two hose hookah, but a THREE hose hookah! Isn’t three hose a bit over the top you might ask. Here at Melbourne Hookah, we say three hose is a staple at any party.  

Yes, a three hose hookah is an investment, unlike a one hose hookah. A three hose hookah can still be used on days where there are no parties happening as well. Where there are days you are smoking solo, an auto- seal adapter in Hookah valve blocks air coming out of the other holes where the other hoses would be connected. So what’s your excuse for not picking up your own three hose hookah? That’s what I thought, no excuse! Check out the Aladdin Hookah on melbournehookah.com.au for your first inspiration for a three hose hookah.

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